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“Loved the quarterly magazine. Now love the newsletters being dropped directly into my inbox. Down to earth, practical advice for everyday horse owners trying to do their best for their beloved horses. Enjoying the simplicity and not-too-fussy over the top website, unlike other websites where you become too distracted with lots of pop ups/adverts etc.”

From Collette Creegan

Great Magazine!

“A great magazine, will send you another article x ”

From Margrit Coates

Impressive Group of Experts

“So glad to see the efforts and interests you guys are putting forth and what a great group of people you have on your panel. Thank You!”

From Lauren

Admiration for Expert Panelist, Jenny Rolfe and her Article on Breathing Life into Riding, May 2014

“I have always admired Jenny Rolfe, and now that I practice Qigong I am finding exactly what she says to be true. Think I shall go and buy her book immediately!”

From Alison

Loved 3 Minute Horsemanship Article, April 2014 Issue by Vanessa Bee

“Thanks for article. It’s great being busy in the moment! I have discovered that you can never underestimate ‘doing nothing’ and being still with your horse. If you think about it they are doing exactly that all day and night with their field companions and who do they trust the most? I bet it’s not the busy human…”

From Catherine

Enjoyed 3 Minute Horsemanship, April 2014 by Vanessa Bee

“Really enjoyed Vanessa’s article.”
Thank you so much!”

From Iona

Great Article on Forage by Dr Juliet Getty Ph.D, January 2014 -Subscribing Highly Recommended

“Great article by Dr Juliet Getty on forage for your horse. If you haven’t signed up to Love Horses yet you are missing out!”

From Jenny Nellist

Enjoying Articles

“Great Articles”

From Charlotte